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Choosing the Right Paper Quality

About Axis Design and Print


The office stationery you use says a great deal about your business, in some cases it's going to be one of the first impressions your customer's have. With each letter and envelope you use, you want to make sure you're sending a positive message.

 Choose Paper With a High Cotton Content

You don't want your office stationary to give your customers the impression that you're the type of business who's willing to sacrifice quality in order to save a few cents, which is exactly what will happen if there's not a reasonable amount of cotton in each piece. The cotton gives the office stationery a nice heavy feel and makes it more durable. The texture of the office stationary will ensure your customers that they're working with a business that holds it's self to the highest standards. Most businesses like to use parchment stationary for invoices and memos, while saving linen stationary for formal business letters.

 The Color of the Paper

The finish color you choose for your office stationary will be the next thing you need to consider. Office stationery with a bright white finish is traditional. It matches all logos and the ink is easy to see. It also gives the impression of cool professionalism. However, some businesses have started to move away from the bright white finish, finding they prefer office stationary that has a laid finish. Office stationary with a laid finish is slightly darker than the white finish, helping it stand out from the competition. Many people have reported that they have an easier time reading the slightly darker office stationary because they don't experience as much glare.


Before settling on a finish, take a few minutes to make sure your logo looks nice on the hue. Some logos simply don't pop when printed on office stationery that has a laid finish.


It's very important to make sure that the envelopes you use for all of your business correspondence perfectly matches your paper in both texture and color. You should have your business logo printed on each piece of office stationery you send..